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With our Yard Works Tip of the Week on the radio, we want to provide resources to all of the Weekend Warriors out there.

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Click here to find your local office for soil tests.

Ever wondered what the life cycle of mulch is?  Check out the video below to learn!

Click below to check out some tips for Raised Bed Gardening!

In the video below, we provide some examples of the different types of soils you can use for In-ground Gardening!

Know how our blower truck installation works? Check out the video below!

Have you ever seen mulch be made? Now you can!

Have you had gravel installed at your house lately?

Larry’s Latest Video Tips:

Properly mowing your lawn and taking care of lawn mower blades:

Maintain your mulch beds!

How often and how much to water your lawn:

Aerating and seeding tips from Larry:

Virginia Cooperative Extension’s site on soil testing

Why is soil testing important?

How to take a soil test – Video from University of Illinois Extension

Information on Pruning Shrubs

Information on Pruning Evergreens

Information on Pruning Deciduous Trees