Screened Topsoil


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$27.95 Cu. Yd. Picked up
$27.95 – $35.95 Cu. Yd. Delivered

Contractor grade screened Virginia topsoil.


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Picked up

  • $27.95 cu. Yd.


  • 4-6 Cu. Yds $35.95 per Yd.
  • 7-9 Cu. Yds $32.95 per Yd.
  • 10-14 Cu. Yds $29.95 per Yd.
  • 15-18 Cu. Yds $27.95 per Yd.
Soil over 10 Cubic Yards is delivered in our Quadaxle Truck, which is larger and requires more space for delivery.

Product Description

Virginia’s finest soil blended with just the right amount of humus to produce a fine rich soil. The humus is added to the soil to create air pockets for water to penetrate and stops it from compacting to a hard soil. The soil is screened with 3/4″ mins grade. Our natural topsoil contains no amendments and is good for a number of general purpose construction in the landscape. With its 3 – 5% organic matter, it lessens soil compaction.

Screened natural topsoil is sold by the yard you can pick it up at the sites or have it delivered with a 4 yard minimum and can haul up to 18 yards at one time.

One yard of soil will cover a 160 sq. ft area or 60 sq. ft. approximately 2″ thick.