Pine Fines


$30.95 Cu. Yd.
Delivery fees
3-9 cu yds = $55.00
10-18 cu yds = $40.00
a $10.00 fuel surcharge will be added to each delivery

Pine Growing Media


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$30.95 Cu. Yd.
Delivery fees
3-9 cu yds = $50.00
10-18 cu yds = $35.00

Blower Installed

  • 10 to 14 yards $58.00 cu. Yd.
  • 15+ yards $55.00 cu. Yd.

Product Description

As Central Virginia’s largest producer of Pine Growing Media, Yard Works is proud to offer nursery pine fines in either “green” or “aged.” Popular amongst professional plant growers and backyard gardeners, these pine fines provide the nutritional sources that can reduce fertilizer costs as well as transplant shock. Our pine bark fines are screened to ¾ inch or smaller. We can also accommodate certain specifications and quantities, as well as offer custom blends in order to meet your unique needs.

Yard Works will provide:

  • Quality pine products
  • Reliable, consistent availability
  • The best customer service
  • Large quantity availability
  • Very competitive pricing