Organic Growing Media


$39.95 Cu. Yd.
Delivery fees
3-9 cu yds = $55.00
10-18 cu yds = $40.00
A $10.00 fuel surcharge will be added to each delivery

Leaf and green waste compost.
Blower install 10+ cu yds $89.95/yd


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$38.95 Cu. Yd.
Delivery fees
3-9 cu yds = $50.00
10-18 cu yds = $35.00

Soil over 10 Cubic Yards is delivered in our Quadaxle Truck, which is larger and requires more space for delivery.

Product Description

Compost is a basic part of the soil. It replaces the naturally occurring organic matter common in the most productive soils in the world. Compost reduces erosion, retains moisture, breaks up clay soils, helps hold onto valuable nutrients, and provides food for microbial life in soil.

Organic growing media is sold by the yard you can pick it up at the sites or have it delivered with a 4 yard minimum and can haul up to 18 yards at one time.

One yard of soil will cover a 6 x 10 area or 60 sq. ft. approximately 2″ thick.

The organic growing media is manufactured from yard waste that has been composted and tested to guarantee you a premium product. The compost is popular with avid gardeners and landscapers. It is used to enrich soil by helping to break down clay and add texture to the soil to help hold moisture to avoid compacting.

Depending on weather could have clumps due to moisture.