Master Blend Turf Mix


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$29.95 Cu. Yd. Picked up
$29.95 – $40.95 Cu. Yd. Delivered

70% Soil/30% compost mix for growing grass.


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Picked up

  • $29.95 cu. Yd.


  • 4-6 Cu. Yds. $40.95 per Yd.
  • 7-9 Cu. Yds $35.95 per Yd.
  • 10-14 Cu. Yds $31.95 per Yd.
  • 15-18 Cu. Yds. $29.95 per Yd.
Soil over 10 Cubic Yards is delivered in our Quadaxle Truck, which is larger and requires more space for delivery.

Blower Installed

  • 10 cu. Yd. min. $70.00 cu. Yd.

Product Description

Looking for a good soil to grow grass? Turf Blend allows your soil to breath, yet holds enough moisture to develop strong, drought tolerant roots. For seed or for sod, be sure to add Turf Blend to your rotation of products that help you achieve a lawn worth walking on. For best results, add 2-4″ Turf Blend to your existing rough grade and till into a depth of 5-6″ prior to seeding or sodding. You will notice seed has better germination and quicker growth with Turf Blend due to the favorable mix of compost and soil. For renovation projects, use Turf Blend topdressed with an overseeding applied with our blower truck service.