To the communities we serve…

We are faced daily with the decision to continue operations or not.  These decisions have been filled with angst, fear and prayer. The demand from the community for our products has been overwhelming.  Folks are preparing backyard gardens as precautionary measures. Our community we service also includes developers and landscapers who are still working to support themselves and their associates. To help meet the unprecedented demand, we have hired folks in the past two weeks that recently lost their jobs due to ramifications of the virus.  We feel blessed that we, for the most part, work independently and outdoors. That being said…we have taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of our associates, customers and the community we serve.  

  1. We have distributed cleaning, disinfectant and sanitizer supplies to every location. 
  2. We are practicing social distancing as much as logistically possible. We have instructed our associates to treat everything they touch and everyone they encounter as if it or they carried the virus.
  3. We have cleaned every facility with bleach and/or disinfectant. We will continue to do this daily if not more frequently.
  4. We have instructed our associates to wipe all surfaces and doorknobs with disinfectant at least every 30 minutes.
  5. We have asked that customers be serviced through windows or where that is not possible, we have asked them to do the transaction outside.  Where that is not feasible, we have posted signs allowing only one customer in the facility at a time. 
  6. We have asked our customer service agents to allow for call in pick-up orders with payment information and vehicle description. We will communicate that information to the appropriate retail site and you will be loaded without even having to interact with anyone.
  7. If a piece of equipment is shared, it is wiped down before traded to another associate
  8. Our senior associates have been given the choice to voluntary stay at home without any ramifications.
  9. We are following the directives of the governor and will continue to monitor the directions given closely.

Please know that these measures will affect our ability to service our customers’ needs as efficiently as we have in the past.  We appreciate your patience as we follow the new safety measures. As we pray for the community, the country and each other, we also appreciate your prayers that we are making the right decisions every day.

Thank you.