Site Clearing / Logging

    Yard Works provides turn-key operations, from logging, land clearing and grubbing to on-site grinding. Our mobile grinding equipment can come directly to your job site. With tub or horizontal grinders, our equipment and operators can support any size site clearing job. Contact us today for an estimate and let our professionals help you get the job done!

    Our projects consist of, but are not limited to golf courses, airports, shopping malls, highways, subdivisions, reservoirs and landfills. Our average job is 20+ acres but we can handle any size project. We tackle tough jobs, such as wet earth and steep hillsides where others lack the skill or ability to succeed. Part of our services includes the disposal of the land clearing material, which could be by open burning, pit burning or grinding. 

    We do what it takes to get the land cleared and stumps removed for project readiness.

    Our finished product has been root raked and is of a quality that is “pan ready” for topsoil removal, if required, for the project. We pride ourselves on a quality clearing job and customer satisfaction. Much of our work is done for repeat clients who want our expertise, based on past experiences with Yard Works and its work force.

    Need material hauled? We operate demolition and live walking floor trailers to handle your construction site trucking needs.

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