Master Blend Bed Mix

Master Blend Bed Mix


$29.00 Cu. Yd. Picked up

50% soil/ 50% compost raised bed mix.

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Picked up

  • $29.00 cu. Yd.


  • 4-6 Cu. Yards $42.00 per Yd
  • 7-9 Cu. Yards $35.00 per Yd
  • 10-14 Cu. Yards $28.00 per Yd
  • 15-18 Cu. Yards $25.00 per Yd
Soil over 10 Cubic Yards is delivered in our Quadaxle Truck, which is larger and requires more space for delivery.

Blower Installed

  • 10 cu. Yd. min. $70.00 cu. Yd.

Product Description

50% top soil, 50% growing media. This is a prescription soil manufactured specifically for high performance. Till into beds or apply directly onto plant beds. Excellent for planting shrubs, annuals and perennials.